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Hi, I'm Jamal. Welcome To My Lab!

In life, everything needs room and ability for upward growth and improvement. After starting FAI in '08 in Atlanta I've been fortunate enough to branch off from its core and be very successful while doing so. Despite this, there was a ceiling I hit with FAI's main purpose being built as my client facing brand. So to solve this issue I grew FAI again and built the new extension brand I like to call FAI Labs!

I started the Labs extension of FAI to better represent and build on the personal ideas and projects I feel have value. While the majority of the projects I release will be proprietary, there will be a small selection of open source projects as well. The types of projects I plan to build this extension on comprise mostly of web, mobile, and desktop apps.

Let's Work Together

Have an idea? Contact me through my portfolio site and let's talk!